Kettle and Fire - Review & Testimonial

We reached out to accessiBe in order to learn how we can reduce legal risk to our online-store with their solution.

We scheduled a demo session with one of their reps named Simon. He covered the legal issue from all angles. It was all the information we were looking for.

During the demo, I was very impressed by both the solution itself and the support service accessiBe provides. It just felt like a very good fit for our company. We were looking for a solution we could trust would mitigate legal risk, but also simple and flexible to operate--and that was accessiBe.

A week after the demo, we purchased the service. The installation itself was hardly a process. Everything was pretty much instant. We immediately saw the accessibility icon appear on the site’s pages and everything was working smoothly.

A few days later we reached out to accessiBe again. This time we spoke with Roni who explained how to test accessiBe and confirm everything was operating as it should.

What else is there to say? accessiBe is just a great solution with great customer service, and I highly recommend it!

Wilson Hung,