Kyle Mountsier - Review & Testimonial

Hi Kyle. So the first question would be, how did you learn about web accessibility?

Yeah. So web accessibility is a big hot topic in the automotive industry right now. So it's been a topic over the past couple of years, and then I started zeroing in a little bit more over the past few months. Regarding what web accessibility means for the end-user and not just for the legal side of things, it means from an end-user perspective and trying to figure out how to best serve a customer instead of only needing to backstop ourselves if that makes sense.

It does. Okay, second question. Why is web accessibility important for your business?

Yeah. So, in automotive, the customer base is pretty broad, and creating a clear ability for customers to navigate our websites is a big priority. Especially in an industry

that has not paid attention to website dynamics - the ability to use the actual site. And so web accessibility is even more important because historically, our web providers have not given us that naturally. And so we have to create that.

Thanks. The last question will be, why did you choose to join accessiBe?

Yeah, we looked at some of the top providers in the space and accessiBe; there were two driving factors: just the ease of setup and the UI was a big deal for me, the UX UI of the actual interface consumer. And so I played around with it myself and had some of our dealership employees who don't need accessibility, but it's easy to click through.

The other was like a cost and set up in the same way as easy to set up the cost made sense from a business perspective. The icing on the cake is just all of the legal that it provides and ensures that we’re following the guidelines that we need to for accessibility on our site.

Amazing. Thank you so much.