Linda Kafka - Review & Testimonial

I wanted to ask, how did you learn about web accessibility?

Well, I've known about web accessibility for awhile. I'm based in Canada, and we have a new law coming into place in 2021 where our websites need to be accessible. The interesting thing is that that law applies to 50 employees and more, and I am just a sole proprietor who contracts employees, and I would never have 50 employees at one time.

So, I wasn't paying attention to it. But things are changing, and they're changing rapidly.

And that's how I knew about it because there's a law that will enforce it for the larger companies.

Yeah, no. And that makes total sense. You have the AODA, the ADA, the European 31549, and you just see generally that the world is shifting its attention to web accessibility.

I appreciate that answer.

The second question would be, how do you feel that web accessibility is important for your business specifically?

Wow, that’s an excellent question. And I am in the business of accessibility, and so what does that mean? I'm a trade resource for the interior designers, builders, architects, community in the residential sector, and we advocate for homes designed and built for accessibility. So, I hold events; I hold conferences, we talk about accessibility and the built environment. I don't feel like I'm walking the talk when my website isn't accessible.

It's really important to balance that out and make sure that if we're going to talk about accessibility in one platform that we're also using accessibility features on our communication platforms.

Yeah. And that's great. And we're very, very happy that you did take that next step in becoming accessible yourself. And, of course, making sure that your clients and your network are aware of that as well. Being in the business of homes, I'm sure that you had worked a lot with accessibility because it focused a lot on the brick and mortar side things when it came to the legal attention or the general attention of accessibility. Still, now, of course, the game has changed.

So the last question here would be this, why specifically accessiBe?

Why did you choose to join accessiBe, as a partner with us over any other company?

Well, I ran my conference. I had a website; Livable Environment was a conference that we ran in October, and I had one of our attendees reach out and say, I was not, I purchased a ticket, I attended your conference, I wasn't able to participate in it because you didn't have accessible

features on your platform.

And I started to do my due diligence immediately after receiving that message, and I started researching out, and some things were really important.

I needed an intuitive platform, really easy to put in, but I also needed it to be affordable because I am a smaller company. And I have to tell you the amount of research that I started to do was starting to mount up.

Suddenly, I had come across accessiBe's site, and I have to tell you, it was like the stress; that burden was off my shoulders. As soon as I started reading more information about any comparison, you do a comparison chart on why accessiBe and others started to make sense. And so I had my demo with your team, and it was like a light bulb on there. I don't have to go anywhere else. accessiBe is exactly what I needed! Intuitive, it was cost-effective, it was a great team to deal with. I mean, immediately there, all the checkboxes were checked for me as a business owner if you have any questions.

And I'm so excited. I am so happy. I immediately installed it onto my website. I reached out to that individual who mentioned that she couldn't use the site because it wasn't

accessible, and she couldn't be happier. So, accessiBe is where I want to be.

That's so awesome to hear; that we're able to provide a feasible solution for you and your clients. Most importantly, it’s to help somebody who had challenges accessing your website to now access the website. To us at accessiBe, we appreciate you taking the time to answer all these questions. We're always looking forward to our very fruitful partnership ahead.

Thanks so much.