Maegan Pierce - Review & Testimonial

Maegen, why is web accessibility important? 

Just as we look to make the world easier for people with exceptionalities to access, it's important that we think about internet accessibility, web accessibility, and general accessibility for individuals to get information the same way you and I do.

So we look at breakthrough behavior as a way to help people unlock their full potential. What good does unlocking their potential do? We're not able to assist them in unlocking all of the options that are available on the internet. So we believe that creating our own website or having our website be accessible to all individuals is not only part of our organization's mission, but it also should be part of our entire community's mission.

We have a great answer there for web accessibility. Do you have anything more to add about maybe how you see the future of accessibility on the web and maybe how it will impact the lives of people with disabilities in the future?

We’re looking a lot at our childhood and adolescent populations and what that means when they start to enter the workforce. And we know that many of the jobs that are going to be available for these young adults with exceptionalities, whether it's autism or down syndrome or any other type of exceptionality, most of those jobs will be online or remote-based, or web-based.

And the more accommodations that we can have built into our day-to-day living related to web accessibility, the greater the opportunities for them to have access to jobs, access to positions, access to information, uh, to help them live productive lives. So really, what we do now in terms of awareness, uh, in terms of infrastructure, will lead to greater employment opportunities that will lead to greater accessibility, uh, to living productive lives.