Manny Gonzalez - Review & Testimonial

I'm really curious, what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients? Kind of a short recap as to what happened and how you got to us?

Yeah. What made us go after that’s we believe, we firmly believe, that the web should be accessible to everyone and it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

And how rapidly technology is progressing nowadays, AI is the way to go. And then accessiBe has that. 

So, that's this tab, the customer service that engagement and knowing that a human is behind it all that supports you along the way, that's really what made it all, what made us come to choose accessiBe.


And of course, Eli and Ariel back in the days, in the good old days, I had to do the 27 calls with the other partners over there, and yeah, it was great. And it was this being; it’s been a great journey.

Yeah. Yeah. Was there something that specifically triggered what made you look for an accessibility solution, or knew it was becoming more prevalent?

Yeah, we knew, we knew it was becoming something more and more of a requirement. At the same time, it was something that our clients could benefit from and showed that we care about what we do. Making the web accessible to everyone, it's a great achievement, and with such a great partner like accessiBe, I mean, you cannot say no to something like that.

Well, you can, but it would be a huge mistake, and you know that.

Stop. No, I'm just joking. Let's light it up, man. Have some fun here. That kind of ties in with why it’s important to make your websites or your customers’ websites accessible because of that inclusive aspect?

Of course. Everything that you guys touch needs to be

handled with care because that's your mantra. That drives, of course, the best

results when people who are driving your business care about it as if it was their own.

Right? And as far as choosing to partner up with accessiBe, I'm sure I know that we've had a couple of conversations about this. Still, you’ve looked into other alternatives from either bringing somebody in-house to do the work or other alternatives, manual remediation, or other widgets that are out there. What made you pair up with us specifically?

The cutting edge technology, the demo specifically, I mean, looking at the demo, I know how powerful it’s and just how it does so many things in the background that you sometimes, as a user, don't think of it when you just see that, AI takes over and does the work

and makes things accessible, like I did the dynamic alt tags; I mean, that's mind-blowing, how could they do that?

Then compare it to the competition, for the lack of a better word, I wouldn't say there

competition because I mean, it's easy to say, it's this, and it's that, but when you look what it’s, the value that it brings, I mean, it's invaluable. It's a skill that you get to add to a website you get to offer your clients.

You get the opportunity to present a solution with a known challenge that it's happening throughout; it’s been happening for the last three to five years. So, I mean, right now, we're able to provide that peace of mind to provide accessibility for many web users and at the same time do the next right thing because we like to be mindful and intentional about how we propose or presenting.

So absolutely, we firmly believe in that. It also goes in just to add on to that, if you didn't have a web accessibility solution or a company like ours backing you, of course, there are other alternatives, great alternatives that are out there. It seems that they don't come anywhere close because of the automated solution’s inherent nature and everything that comes with that. Web accessibility looked kind of cumbersome in a way, not because you didn't want to do that or didn't know its importance but because of the sheer amount of work and costs that came along with it. You couldn't relay over to your customers without getting: "are you kidding me?"

So I'm glad to see that things were working out for you guys, and Manny, thanks so much for taking your time to speak with me. I know you have a busy life, and now with your new baby on board.

Again, thank you so much for partnering, and we hope to push this along with you guys.

Yeah. And you're just; you’re quick.

Not so much about the technology itself, of course, technology matters, but also about

the human firewall. Human interaction like the client’s success manager has done an amazing job and things that we sometimes take for granted, but when you look back. You look at where you were to where you're today, knowing that there was someone there from their team holding your hand along the way and helping you overcome the different speed bumps or whatever roadblocks to provide you with solutions and support you.

I mean, that's great, that what we consider a partner.

Somebody who sticks with you who step files and is willing to work for solutions and be present.