Market Across - Review & Testimonial

My name is Itai, I'm a Project Manager here at Market Across.

accessiBe has helped us in many ways. One of the challenges we face is providing our clients with websites that look and operate impeccably while maintaining accessibility and compliance, which can sometimes conflict.

We started by doing the compliance work manually for each project, but that was a hell of a challenge that also required us to almost double our manpower and what we charged our clients.

So, one day one of our developers found accessiBe through a recommendation online. Initially, it looked almost too good to be true, but we decided to give it a shot. We added accessiBe to a number of our different projects just to test it out, and we loved how it worked and looked.

accessiBe go out of their way for their customers and partners. They even helped us solve a legal issue for one website that didn't have any accessibility in place. The bottom line, accessiBe helps our clients feel protected. They fully trust them and so do we.

Itay Elizur,
Market Across