Micha Davidson - Review & Testimonial

We'll just get straight into it; I don't want to waste any of your time. So firstly, of course, we would love to understand how you learn about web accessibility in the first place?

Coming from a web development background, I have known it, mostly from the design limitations aspect for some previous branding web projects. Still, honestly, most recently from legal and compliance here at Cresco Labs, they were very aware and very interested in ensuring that this was a box we checked early. Our designs came with some push back to branding and marketing to see if we could alter some of the color schemes and some of the designs, but then ultimately accessiBe allowed us to relax those restrictions, so that was nice.

So great to hear. Yeah. We had a lot of backward and forwards emailing with your team, trying to get it all sorted because of quite a few domains that you guys had as well.

So we wanted all of them, of course, to be as accessible as possible, which is great.

Well, thank you for that. So also, of course, we'd love to know why web accessibility is so important for your company?

Yeah. I think as a multi-state retail operator, we’re catering to the general public. We have to ensure that our websites and content are accessible to anyone with disabilities. Otherwise, they just won't get the rich experience we're aiming for. Our goal is “best in class,” which is kind of our mantra. You have to cover this base, so

That’s great. So good to hear. And just, just the last question that kind of falls into the same sort of category, but why is it you then decided to choose accessiBe and take on board our solution over any others out there?

Yeah! And we did evaluate several different options. Quite a few of them aimed at providing a report of your accessibility score, right? and how you rank there,

and not so much being your solution, so for us, I think, the JavaScript integration and how simple that was, and it does all the magic for us.

That was the difference-maker, I'd say.

Yeah, 100%. I think that's a key thing that differentiates us from any other solution out there, which is fantastic. But that's it, that is all three of the questions that I had so quick and simple.

I honestly thank you so much.