Mike Capara - Review & Testimonial

Why is web accessibility important? 

Accessibility is really important. It's to provide equal access to the web and online resources for people who are low vision and with people with disabilities. Being able to access coursework, being able to access online learning materials, and educational settings.

What we like to say here at the Viscardi Center is that we’re leveling the playing field for adults and children with disabilities. It's also very empowering for adults with disabilities to looking for employment, being sure that you, your applicant tracking system, your hiring system are fully accessible so that people are gainfully employed, and being in candidacy for those types of jobs.

In terms of businesses, being able to provide a business case and also to look at the market share out there for people with disabilities. There are millions of people that have disabilities and being able to access your product and content would be very important to your business and your sales.