Neil Steinhardt - Review & Testimonial

What I would really like to know is what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

That's been something that many clients have approached us; a lot of them have been involved with lawsuits, and "Hey, what can we do?" And we looked into it originally, you know, being web design and development company, we thought we could do it ourselves, but we quickly realized that it's not something we could do, it's not a full-time position. It's a complete company. You have to stay on top of it.

It was something that we didn't have the bandwidth to do or to do well. So, we started to look around and started interviewing the different companies that we found online, looking for something that we could partner with, referring, or managing that for us.

Great. I just wanted to know specifically why was it important for you, in general, to make your clients’ websites accessible?

Being in branding and marketing, it's so important that every human, regardless of their condition or situation, should view our websites. It's also fair to our clients that anybody who comes to the website should be able to, you know, consume the content, regardless of their needs, and, so for us, it was very important, you know, think a little bit deeper and make sure that we're not leaving out any specific audience.

So the reason people are online and have a website is they want their content to be consumed. They want people to understand their products, their services, their offerings.

Definitely, and really the most important question, so why did you choose to partner up with accessiBe?

It was very easy to answer that, so we spoke to all different kinds of firms and companies and people who had actual people doing it, and for us, it was a lot of stuff to implement. It was a lot of work. It felt overwhelming, and, you know, it was like a really big ask, and how are we going to manage this? And wow, there are so many moving parts, and things change, and there's a liability, how are we going to do this? And a lot of stuff we didn't understand.

And then we spoke to you guys, and it was like a no-brainer. You guys were on time for our initial session. You explained our questions. You guided us through the process, and you made it easy for our customers and us. So, you know, a couple of clicks and we're there, and it's also a price point. So depending on the scale of their website, it's affordable to anybody, and it's very easy to implement, it's brandable, and it really was a no brainer, and the more and more we continue to work with you guys, the more it becomes apparent that we made the right decision.

I'm really glad to hear that. Thank you so much for your time, and I'm looking forward to our partnership in the future as well. Thanks so much, Allison.

Well, thank you, Ariel.

You helped us out a lot.