Nicholas Woodward - Review & Testimonial

I just wanted to see, you know, what made you ultimately look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

Sure. So, I had been aware that it was in need for a long time, and, you know, for the most part, we, as an agency, had been trying to keep up manually with compliance as best we could.

As I saw that the tides were changing in a legal atmosphere and a friend and client of

ours did get sued despite good faith and good effort.

And, you know, the impact to him, three months of being shut down during the pandemic and only having been open a week to wake up to a lawsuit over a website error, was just dramatic

and you know, everything I could do to help him, we went out of our way.

I think I found accessiBe, pretty immediately and set it up for much as I paid for it. Just to get them protected. And we were able to help him, at least, you know, negotiate his way out of having to go to court and having a $50,000 penalty because of that.

As soon as I realized the gravity of the situation and what it would do to any of our other clients who couldn't suffer that kind of hit, we decided to buy the first month for our clients and opt them in.

Of course, we allowed them to make their own decision after that, but first, we wanted to decide to protect everybody and make sure that they were safe and compliant. Also, you know, just the note, we support accessibility, as a movement in the web and technology.

I know, especially in the pandemic, that show’s been a trying time for many people who have disabilities with, you know, accessing websites or technology or media. So this is something that we're, you know, behind from our heart of hearts anyway. And, you know, we're happy to be a part of it and happy to be showing people a way that they can make things accessible and also to protect their business.

Wow. That's an amazing response. And we appreciate hearing all of that.

I'll tell you that my next question will be, why is it important for you to make your clients' websites accessible? But I think that you answered that, inadvertently, you know, with the first question as well. So I'll just ask you our last question for today, and I just wanted to understand a little bit why you chose to partner up with accessiBe as opposed to any other web

accessibility provider or just, you know, exploring doing it on your own.


Well, we did explore manual options over the years. And truth be told, it's a lot of work to do manual updates to keep compliant. And also, due to the nature of this, you know, compliance is not black and white. There are many different tools for testing, and they don't all give the same answer. You know, we needed something consistent, that we felt had shops in the case of a legal issue, you know, a legal issue and, you know, something that we could, you know, prove was working. And if there is an issue, you know, I know that accessiBe is

constantly, scanning and updating websites as it goes, which is great.

The other options that we looked at, you know, I think AudioEye and UserWay, among others out there, didn't seem to have the full feature set, nor did they seem to have the same kind of support. And it seemed like they were kind of just piggybacking on the trend and

slapping a badge on a website with maybe not quite as much behind it. It didn't seem like they

guaranteed as much either, out of the promise of accessibility.

So, ultimately, we found that accessiBe had the best features. The best pricing

It wasn't nearly as expensive as hiring a team dedicated to this manually going through every site all the time. While other competitors may be in the same price range, I just don't think that they had the same feature set, the same value, and we've had great support. Your team has always been there for us through chat, phone call, email, whatever it’s very quick to respond to, and it's been great.

You know, I'm very happy with the decision we made.

Wow. That's awesome and I particularly appreciate the end. Of course, you know, our number one goal as a company is to make the internet fully accessible by 2025. And I think our partnership with you is an ideal example of an amazing collaborative effort too, you know, to accomplish that goal.

First and foremost, one of your clients was slapped with a web accessibility lawsuit.

As you mentioned, I dismissed it by acting quickly to resolve the matter with our solution. And then, of course, you took the next step in bringing, you know, hundreds of your client's sites on board, with our solution, all at once. So we were able to get the compliance, helping your client, from that perspective, as well as on the side, getting all of your other clients' websites to an accessible and compliant standard while doing it in a very cohesive and great way.

I appreciate you jumping on and, and giving and just answering these questions. We appreciate you as a company and value this partnership very, very much.

We value you too.