Nihar Kulkarni - Review & Testimonial

Thanks again for joining us. I wanted to know, as far as from the accessibility standpoint, what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

That's a great question, Eli. What made us look for an accessibility solution for our clients and merchant base is that now more than ever, many of our merchants worldwide within the entire e-commerce industry are being targeted. We call them accessibility trolls, like a lawyer that’s going after and not even; I mean, you should make your site accessible, of course, it's for the common and greater good. We get that, but the reason is becoming so much more prevalent now because they’re being hit with lawsuits, targeting them for not being compliant entirely for ADA compliant, WCAG 2.1 I believe AAA or AA, can't recall.

Going in and doing the audit and remediating the changes and so on is a huge expense and a huge time cost for our merchants. So, after doing some research and I connected with you, Eli, over at accessiBe, and you've been great.

It’s a five minute or less solution that makes your site fully ADA compliant by just adding an insertion snippet of JavaScript; that’s it. I didn't believe it the first time I saw it. And it's one of those things where you just have to see it to believe it, and it does work, and it’s that fast.

Awesome. Yeah. That's great to hear. And it segues into my next question, which is why is it important for you to make your websites or your client's websites accessible?

Sure. Again, as I mentioned earlier, it's for the greater good of individuals with disabilities should be able to access the free market of goods and services all over the world, just like everybody else. But also because you can be targeted by a lawsuit, which the insurance policy of installing your platform for just under a thousand dollars or in that range, depending on how many pages you have, could be even less if you have fewer pages on your site and then being able to make it fully ADA compliant, that's a minimal insurance policy to pay.

Yes. Awesome. Yeah. Knowing that you have a solution that will essentially save yourself from a five-figure plus settlement is easing in. Of course, the fact that you're now breeding an inclusive culture, which essentially, many people don't know about one out of five people has a disability that hinders their ability to equally and efficiently access the web.

So it's a great move on you guys, and we're really happy again to be partnered with you, which I'm kind of wondering. I’m sure that you've done a lot of market research looking into

other alternatives apart from accessiBe. What made you or what compelled you to choose to partner up with accessiBe specifically?

I think the partner managers like yourself over there are very knowledgeable and very responsive. That’s something that time is of the essence for accessibility, mainly when you’re targeted with a lawsuit, from the first experience that we had with you guys, where you’re based in Tel-Aviv but still work in US time zones, which is great. There was no issue worryingly about whether somebody will be available after one o'clock or something like that.

Secondly, your responsiveness of solving the problems and getting the information needed for our merchants to resolve any sort of lawsuits or investigations or any issues therein has been incredibly fast.

And again, time is of the essence, time is money, and we decided to partner with accessiBe because you guys get it, and you guys turn things around fast.

Happy to hear. Nihar, thank you very much for joining me todWe’re are appreciative of this. I can't urge this enough, even though I have heard that a hundred times in this call. I can continue saying this all day long, so thank you very much once again and

We look forward to pushing through and making the world accessible for everybody.

My pleasure.

I appreciate it.

Thanks, Eli

I look forward to working more and more in the future.