Pixelmotion - Review & Testimonial

A few months ago, we were approached by several competitors of accessiBe with offers to partner up and provide ADA compliance solutions to our clients.

That was our first initiation into the whole accessibility-compliance provider vetting. We started a market research effort to figure out which solution would benefit us and our clients the most.

We started our relationship with accessiBe in a demo session with Refael from the partnerships team. We were highly impressed by the technological edge accessiBe has over its competition. After seeing the other options out there, the simplicity and flexibility of their system were almost unbelievable.

After the demo, we deployed accessiBe on three of our sites to test out the integration. The installation was quick and simple. We then went ahead to negotiate a Reseller agreement with accessiBe. They were able to provide us with the conditions we needed--even things they usually don’t provide--so we could get a mutually beneficial partnership in place.

Today, we are using accessiBe on dozens of client sites, and are very happy with the solution.

Recently, one of our clients received a demand letter claiming their site wasn’t compliant. accessiBe quickly helped us compose a professional response, including a certificate of accessibility and screenshots that helped us prove compliance.

Alex Merino,