Pozza - Review & Testimonial

Hi, my name is Neil, owner of a boutique Italian restaurant called Pozza.

We are a boutique restaurant and as such, we have put a lot of effort into building a beautiful website to showcase our place, our food, and everything else. Problem is, this beautiful website got us sued, twice. Now, the first lawsuit was prior to accessiBe and to settle it, we asked our web agency to fix the issues.

But they were so clueless about it. They had no idea how to fix the situation. We ended up calling one of the few companies that specialize in web accessibility and we got a proposal for $18,000 per year, for a website that cost us $3,500.

That was insane. We found compliance to be so expensive and so complex, that we actually ended up closing our site completely and decided to only keep our

Facebook and Instagram pages. Several weeks later, we got a call from the agency that built our site saying they found a perfect solution called accessiBe. And, as simple as that, we were up again fully compliant, in a day.

After a few months, we received another lawsuit, from a different plaintiff claiming again that we weren't compliant. But this time we had accessiBe.

So, accessiBe immediately audited our website on video with screen readers and all these other tools, proving it is 100 percent compliant. And lo and behold, within no-time, the plaintiff withdrew the lawsuit.

Neil Russo,