Rob McClinton - Review & Testimonial

Rob, tell me, what made you essentially look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

So we have a client who came to us wanting an affordable website but needs one that would mitigate any potential risk from nuisance lawsuits. So we started looking for a solution that was going to would ADA compliant.

Fantastic. And why do you think, in general, it's important for you to make your clients' websites accessible?

So it started with wanting to protect them from and mitigate their risk of lawsuits. But really, as I dug more into it, getting more people in and align more people to use the web, particularly after this year and so much has moved online.

That's kind of core to our mission, and we don't think as much as we probably should about people with disabilities, so it's a two-fold reason for sure.

And the second part is becoming a lot more important to us.

Yeah. Fantastic. And why did you partner up with accessiBe out of all places?

So after doing a lot of digging into it and a lot of research, we found that particularly for our more budget-sensitive clients, we could spend hundreds of hours making the compliant site that would blow the budget, but assuming that it didn't somehow.

They could make theoretically one post or one change to their website and then not be compliant at all.

So all the money out the door and still no protection against the mitigation. And then we came across your solution, which is the smart way to do it.

Having a thing, the AI, they're continually checking to make sure that it stays in compliance is that factor that a smaller website can't afford it, can't afford to have a person to do all of those things. And I have to say that the direct, not so subtle reminder from accessiBe that this is about allowing a fifth to a quarter of the world's population to make use of the online presence. It's not just about risk mitigation.

I appreciate those subtle reminders that it's not just about avoiding lawsuits. So, I mean the value system is there and in place. So it's a win, avoid mitigation, and give people access to the website; you bake all of them into one package. And so it's a no brainer.

Fantastic. Rob, and then just, I guess I would just finish off a slight, just in general, since using accessiBe and the software and the solution, actually starting to come together to think about onboarding clients and things like that, have you just personally felt happy to be able to take apart. They’re set as a partner now; bring on as many customers as you can.

Absolutely. So we put it up on our site right away just to get a feel for it. And we've decided that not only are we going to offer accessibility solutions as part of our package confidently.

The only way we will provide it will be through using accessiBe. So we will not try to build it,

or we won't try to make it work. We went on doing this. We will give you a compliant website, and it will be through yours, using accessiBe as the solution; that’s how we get there. And we're also going to bake into the contract that you have to decline to have it as part of your package explicitly.

Fantastic. Rob, Thank you.

Thank you so much. You just speak super kind of eloquently. So I'm so happy that we could do this call, and again, thank you. Of course, for taking the time to speak to me again.