Rodrigo Alonso - Review & Testimonial

I want to start by asking, what made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

The main reason why we started looking for an accessible solution for all our e-commerce clients was mainly that we're trying to reach all the customer base, and in some cases, some of their potential. Our clients had difficulties, either reading or, small fonts and not all websites are designed for that. So, we realized that building that ourselves would be a huge investment for them.

And we were looking at different solutions to do this. Also, some of our clients were getting

lawsuits from different attorneys in the US, because the website wasn't compliant with accessibility. So they were looking to enhance their website and also avoid lawsuits.

And since we started installing it, accessiBe has proven to be a huge asset for them and great results, so far, and all our customers are very happy with it.

Great. So you partially answered it, but I would like to know why is it important for you to make your website, your client's websites accessible?

Well, you can expand your customer base, first of all, and reaching more audience, it's more valuable day by day, but it's also very fast, intuitive to install, so it's a great solution, for their customers, to expand that audience that we were talking about. So that's maybe the main reasons.

Great. And for the best question, why did you choose to partner up with accessiBe?

We decided to partner with accessiBe, first of all, because they were experts in the niche and the customer support was just amazing, always there for us, and provided an amazing solution, right out of the box without having to go through all the development process, which can be very expensive to develop ourselves, basically because we don't have the expertise. We decided to put all the trust in you guys, and just make it happen and no regrets so far, it has been an amazing experience.

That's great to hear. 

So, Rodrigo, thank you so much for taking the time to do this. We really do appreciate it. That's it.

Thank you so much.