Sagi&Co - Review & Testimonial

We are an Innovation Strategy & Design firm based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Tel-Aviv, Los Angeles, and Seoul.

That means, our clients need to comply with various legislation across several different countries. The solution we needed to find was one that can provide literally worldwide compliance.

By having an Israeli office, we were already familiar with accessiBe’s Israeli brand (Nagishly), which is considered the market leader and the most trusted solution. We knew that achieving legal compliance is basically accessiBe’s bread and butter.

Our team had a great demo with Sebastian who impressed us quite a bit. We signed up for their partners’ program right away. After becoming a partner, accessiBe generously provided us their solution for our agency site for free. So not only are we protected, but we can show our clients firsthand what it is that we’re recommending them.

accessiBe is already in our sales pipeline and we are looking to onboard any client coming our way. This solution is awesome, and it solves the compliance problem perfectly!

Yaron Sagi,
CEO at SAGI&Co Inc.