Sallie Clark - Review & Testimonial

Sally, It's great to see you! What made you look for an accessibility solution for your clients?

Well, so EZ-Chow offers integrated online ordering for restaurant partners across the country. Several months ago, we thought we began looking for an accessibility solution for our partners because we thought it was very important for them for all guests to access their websites. As well as provide a layer of protection against ADA lawsuits.

Great. So why is it important for you to make your websites, clients, clients' websites accessible?

Let's try that one again. So why is it important for you to make your clients' websites accessible?

Well, everybody wants to order food. And we didn't want it to be a limiting factor for it not to be accessible for people with disabilities. And that was one of the things we liked about the accessiBe module is it didn't just deal with, say, visual impairments; it dealt with several different types of impairments.

So we felt like it opened the gate for lots of guests to access and order from their websites.

Awesome. So, why did you choose to partner up specifically with accessiBe?

When we researched for a partner, number one, the website is a wealth of information, the resource tools, articles, and links that you can dive in and read about, learn more about it, as well as share it with your perspective. These partners are interested in using the module.

Also, the customer support and service, I have lots of questions, and you’re always very responsive. Very quick to respond and also very helpful.

The module is well. Signing up as a partner is also very easy and implementing the module on their websites. So all of that combined made accessiBe the clear choice.

Awesome. Well, thank you so much.