Sarah Paris - Review & Testimonial

Sarah, just tell me a little bit about how you learned about web accessibility?

Okay. So actually, I met with an investment firm, like when I was pretty new in the e-comm world, and they asked me what I was doing to protect myself, for liability lawsuits, for accessibility. And I had no idea what they were talking about. And, I went home, and I researched it. That was like a naive little entrepreneur, and I found that my website wasn't accessible and not, not even the liability perspective.

We have a lot of elderly consumers and people with disabilities. So, it was important to me to make sure that they have an accessible way to view our products and our site.

Yeah. Fantastic. Now, Sarah, It's a little bit dark on your end. Is there a way to maybe make

it a little bit lighter? Brighten my screen.

There we go. Yeah, that’s perfect. Okay.

Sarah, tell me, why is web accessibility important for your business?

Yes, so it's important because we have many elderly consumers and people with disabilities that shop on our site cause we make health and wellness products for them. So, making sure that our site is available to everyone is important.

Aside from that, the liability perspective of just protecting our company. There were other options in the market, but why did you choose accessiBe?

So I found accessiBe to be the most robust in terms of options, and it's very simple to use. And I love that you recently rolled out, like customized, solutions for specific issues or disabilities, so people can quickly go on and just choose something that's right for them.

So, yeah, fantastic. And that kind of, obviously you started,  I'm kind of just going off the script now but, just talking about accessiBe in general and the fact that you haven't kind of love our solution. So maybe just to kind of in general, like anything you'd want to say about accessiBe that you're happy for future clients kind of to hear, take it away.

Yeah, accessiBe is awesome. When I first learned about web accessibility, I was like cramming my brain to figure out how to make my website accessible at the most affordable price. And I was like, wait; it’s 2019, there has to be an app for it.

So I started researching; I was so excited to find accessiBe simplest and solution, easy to integrate. And I was so impressed, and I was like, these people are geniuses whoever created this, like, Wow.

For sure, they’re. That’s great; I mean, our company is amazing and what's even more amazing is the kind of people standing behind it.

And of course, our solution itself, which, yeah, that's I do love what I do. So it’s fantastic.

And Sarah, have you been able to kind of get and recommend accessiBe to friends or also business owners in terms of our station for them to obviously, you

know, get on their website as well?

Yeah, absolutely. So I'm actually like your unpaid, as an advertiser, because I have so many friends who have e-commerce websites and are similar to mine. And we’re always talking about different tools that we utilize to help our businesses.

And I'm like, oh my God, you've guys have to try this app. So yes, I have a lot of friends that use accessiBe.

Amazing. You mentioned e-commerce, so probably like our biggest advantage to accessiBe is especially, I guess from your perspective is our automatic maintenance every 24 hours.


So talk to me, maybe like a little bit about that, Sarah, and just how that tool specifically can help the website, like your own ends, obviously like your friends that you're recommending.

Yeah, so I don't have to worry about accessibility. That's the beauty of it. As the business owner that I have like a thousand things to do, I want my website to be accessible for everyone without worrying.

So I thank accessiBe for making that happen.

Sarah, you've been fantastic. Thank you. Thank you so much!

It’s a pleasure to talk to you as well.

And I always say to everyone; I was speaking to like, I'd upset.

Usually, I kind of have the initial call, so I get to know the person, the company, the website. But thank you anyway.

I'm sorry.

I haven't been able to do that too much.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and how nice you've been regarding the responses provided and having this interview.

I do appreciate it, Sarah.

So thank you so, so much. You’re fantastic.

Thank you.

Have a great day, Sarah.

Thank you, you too.