SellSide Media - Review & Testimonial

My name is Tara, Director of Client Services at SellSide Media.

As a marketing agency, our goal is to drive growth for our clients, and accessibility was never really discussed. At least until recently, as a revenue driver. But now that being compliant is as simple as adding a line of code we believe that our clients will benefit not only from avoiding litigation but also from abling their sites to be available to more people.

We were introduced to accessiBe after a client of ours, a hotel in New York received a lawsuit from a blind plaintiff, and accessiBe went above and beyond to help us resolve the issue.

They spoke to my client's legal team and demonstrated how their technology made the website fully accessible. They helped the legal team to compose a proper response and clearly explained the process.

accessiBe is an exceptional solution that helps our clients drive more revenue on the one hand, and achieve compliance with minimum costs and efforts on the other. That's perfect in my book.

Tara Horn,
Director of Client Services