Sergios - Review & Testimonial

Sergio’s is a chain of Cuban restaurants based in the South Florida area.

As a company, we value inclusion and we want all of our services, physical as well as digital, to reflect our values. We knew restaurants were being sued for having their sites non-ADA complaints.

We began searching the web for answers. Our criteria were to find a sustainable solution that could protect us from litigation and ensure our website would cater to all.

We found accessiBe during our online search. We reached out to them and they were extremely helpful in explaining the state of legislation and what should be done in order to comply with it.

A few months after starting to work with accessiBe, we received a demand letter claiming our website was not compliant with accessibility law. We quickly asked our legal team to reach out to accessiBe to learn what was going on, and accessiBe was very quick to respond. They connected our lawyers with accessiBe’s CEO, who manually tested our website and assured us our website is in-fact compliant and that there was nothing we need to worry about.

accessiBe helped us compose a proper reply to the plaintiff, and provided us with a certification of accessibility along with screenshots proving our site was compliant. We saved thousands of dollars easily, just by having your product.

The demand letter was withdrawn immediately after we sent out the response!

Carlos Gazatua,