Sisi - Blind User - Review & Testimonial

Hi, I'm Sisi and I'm 47 years old, and I've been blind since birth.

I've been using technology for many many years now for almost any aspect of my life. Once you're heavily dependent on technology an inaccessible website with poor interaction with the screen reader can make things much more difficult.

You know those colorful ads on the internet with beautiful women walking down the beach, and it says "50% OFF"? I'm sure you've seen those. Well, I haven't. And that is because these pictures, these ads, are usually unlabeled. So there is no alternate text to describe the ad, and there is no text to describe the scene and to tell me about this. And so, my screen reader would just say "graphic, graphic, graphic". It won't read the text and I wouldn't know about this offer, and then I wouldn't be able to buy those beautiful bikinis.

You know, it is really funny how sometimes merchants don't seem to be so interested in my money. But once you go on a website that is accessible and really works with a screen reader, that makes a great difference.

Every time I go on a website and I hear the accessiBe notification that this site is adjusted to my screen reader, I know I can smile, I can relax and I'm sure that on this website I can read whatever I want.

Blind User of accessiBe