Tavano Team - Review & Testimonial

We are a full digital service agency with 90% of our customers based in the U.S, and we learned of web accessibility after one of our clients got served an ADA lawsuit.

To help our clients settle the lawsuit, we remediated their website manually, which is a very complex process that takes lots of time and requires very specific expertise.

After a while, we started to realize this would not be a one-time thing. ADA lawsuits were becoming more and more common and other complaints related to accessibility were bound to come. But we had seen firsthand what it meant to make a site compliant going the manual route. We needed a much simpler solution.

That’s why we were so excited to find accessiBe. It was exactly what we were looking for. Straightforward, simple. Way ahead of their competition technologically.

We set up a demo with Ariel from the sales team who explained everything in detail and helped us set up a partner account. After becoming a partner, we were given a free license for our own agency site. We’ve also been getting material to create content on our company blog about web accessibility. This helps us get the word out to our clients on the topic.

The partnership program has been great for us, and we recently started discussions with Refael from Strategic Partnerships to explore more collaborations with accessiBe on other projects.

Rodrigo Alonso,
Direction of Operations