You Store Wizards - Review & Testimonial

We provide programming and creative services for E-Commerce. For us, that means focusing on affordability, flexibility, and simplicity for our clients.

The solutions we adopt have to provide value to our clients, but also need to fit well within our ecosystem which includes all the big E-Commerce platforms; Shopify, BigCommerce, Yahoo Stores--you name it.

From the get-go, we knew that whichever ADA compliance solution we’d go with had to meet those criteria. It had to work seamlessly with our platforms of choice. It had to be affordable. Most importantly, it had to give us the flexibility to build platforms the way we wanted, and not force us into designs that would hinder the sites’ performance.

We heard about accessiBe through a colleague who had a very good experience with them. They helped him and his clients eliminate an ADA lawsuit. So we decided to reach out and see what they had to offer.

accessiBe impressed us right at the start with their detailed product-demo. Already then we realized that the simplicity and flexibility we are looking for was exactly what they were offering.

Since taking on accessiBe’s solution, we’ve on-boarded many clients, and have had many productive interactions with accessiBe’s team. They’re always looking to help with anything we or our clients need.

Thanks, accessiBe, your services are much appreciated!

Joe Palko,
Marketing Wizard