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Accurate and Reliable Web AccessibilityAuditing

Professionally evaluating the website's accessibility level is a key step in web accessibility projects and should be performed before, during, and after the remediation project. The audit report should be used as the remediation process to-do list.
Expert Audit Prices:
$450 per website template
Expert Audit

Thorough examination  followed by a simple-to-implement report

Our expert team will evaluate and examine the accessibility level of your website's UI, design, source code and usability, and will provide a report that focuses on three key areas:
  • Screen-reader and assistive technology compatibility
  • Keyboard-only navigation, operation and orientation
  • UI, design and content implementations
Remediation project to-do list

Our audit report  is your remediation project workflow

The report shows, ordered by severity, which areas and elements fail usability testing or violate WCAG success criteria and will suggest steps for your development team to take. Approaching the report as a to-do list will give you a structured remediation workflow.
Accessibility audits made simple

What do accessiBe's expert
audit  project look like?

  • 1Initial assessment Our expert team will perform a series of automated scans alongside a quick manual review of your source code.
  • 2Thorough analysis Our experts will then perform a series of assistive technology and keyboard usability manual tests to identify key areas for improvement.
  • 3Remediation recommendations With the thorough analysis ready, our team will get together to review the results and provide recommendations and suggestions.
  • 4Project delivery The audit report is ready for you to download directly from your project management dashboard. The report will serve as your remediation process workflow.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are your audit standards?

    Our audit utilizes WCAG 2.1 AA as conformance standards. We stay updated with changes to regulations and update all our systems and processes continuously.

  • Do you guide us through the results?

    We offer hourly consultancy services, where our web accessibility experts will sit with your team and work together to understand the issues we found and suggest remediation techniques.

  • Can we choose which templates to audit?

    We'll provide you with the complete list of your website’s templates, along with our recommendations. You can then choose which of them your wish to audit.

  • Does the audit come with a report?

    Your audit will include a report detailing the issues we've found and references to the WCAG conformance criteria that have failed.

  • What’s the difference between audit and inspection?

    An accessWidget inspection looks for installation, integration, or accuracy issues with the product, while an expert audit is a thorough examination of your website's source code, design and usability.

  • Does the audit sweep for media and documents?

    Our audit will include a sweep for PDF and media content. The report will let you know whether you have files and media content that should be made accessible as well.

  • How long does an audit take?

    Our audit process requires a minimum of 10 business days from payment approval, but the timeline can depend on the number and complexity of templates on your website. You can expect a complete website audit to take an average of two or three weeks.

  • How do you determine how many templates we have?

    We look at the structure of a web page and compare it with other structures throughout that same site. Structures that are similar would be considered one template.

  • Will the audit process affect my website speed?

    Not at all! The inspection process will not affect your website’s speed or performance. We do not require access to your source code and will only need standard, user-like access.


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