File remediation made simple

Fast & Scalable FileAccessibility  Services

File sharing is a vital way we communicate information today. Let's make sure that our PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel sheets are accessible for people with disabilities!
File Accessibility Prices:
$7-$17 per page based on order quantity
Cross-industry benefits

Making your filesaccessible  is the right business approach

Accessibility is not just the law, but it is also a corporate responsibility to include individuals with disabilities in every aspect of the business. With accessiBe's scalable file services, organization benefits are tremendous:
  • Public companies can streamline the accessibility work on financial reports and complete them online, on time.
  • Hospitality businesses can have properly accessible menus and itineraries accessible for all guests. Regardless of ability.
  • Governmental & educational organizations can provide better access to their services for people with disabilities.
  • Architects & real-estate companies can have their blueprints and marketing brochures available to everybody.
How it works

What does fileaccessibility  mean?

Standard PDF, PPT, and Excel files are usually not accessible. This means that people with disabilities using assistive technologies like screen-readers cannot correctly read them and comprehend the content. Here's what usually goes into making files and documents accessible:
  • Graphics and icons should be textually described
  • Interactive elements should be keyboard navigable
  • Forms fields should be labeled and tagged properly
  • Textual content should be hierarchically structured
  • Table content should be properly structured
File accessibility made simple

What do accessiBe's file
accessibility  projects look like?

  • 1Upload your files Start a project in your account and add links to your files. There is no limit to how many files you can add to a project.
  • 2Remediation process Our automation engines goes through your media files and does the first round of closed captioning. This allows us to remediate large quantities of files within a fast time frame.
  • 3Expert review Our expert team reviews the automated results to fix any gaps and ensure that the remediation is accurate and complete.
  • 4Project delivery Your documents are now accessible and compliant, and ready to be used by all users! Simply download them from the project dashboard and start putting them to work!

Frequently asked questions

  • Am I legally required to have accessibe files?

    Yes. According to WCAG 2.1 AA, any content on the site including files needs to be accessible to people with disabilities.

  • What types of files are you able to remediate?

    Using our semi-automatic remediation process we are able to remediate all types of files, including PDFS, PPTs, XLSX, DOC(X), and more.

  • What does your media scanner do?

    The files and media scanner is a tool we use to scan and assess your website(s) for any and all links to files and visual media.

  • Are files exposed to the same legal risk as my website?

    Yes, if your files are not accessible, then they are also exposed to the same potential legal issues as the overall website would be.

  • Can you remediate excel files or other financially complex docs?

    Yes, we work with banks and other financial institutions and have a professional team that would be able to go through and remediate such files.

  • Do I need to re-upload the new files to my site once they’re done?

    Yes, once the files have been remediated, we will send them back to you as you will need to reupload them to the website.

  • Do you remediate files in all languages?

    Yes, our remediation services are available in whichever language you may require.

  • How do I know if I have files on my site?

    Our web accessibility experts will be able to identify and document all files in an inventory report for you using our files and media scanner.

  • What does an accessible document look like?

    An accessible document’s modifications are not visible to the naked eye. Accessibility adjustments such as tagging, and making text searchable occurs on the backend.


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