Media accessibility services

Let's Make Your Video  and Audio  Content Accessible!

From commercials and ads to educational content, tutorials, and even audio archives and VOD libraries, our experts will help you make all your media accessible and compliant.
Media Accessibility Prices:
$5-$15 per video or audio minute based on order quantity
Essential for Deaf users

Simple, accurate and fast ClosedCaptions  services

Closed Captions allow deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to experience a video to its fullest. Make your videos appeal to a much wider audience with full, time-synchronized text and background sound descriptions.
Essential for multiple disabilities

Get more value from your media with AudioTranscriptions  services

To gain the most out of your media, we go beyond text speech-to-text. We include speaker IDs, background settings, and other essential non-speech sounds to accompany the standard word-by-word text transcriptions!
Essential for Blind users

Provide descriptive narration of key visual elements with AudioDescriptions  services

For blind and vision impaired users to enjoy your videos, it's essential to depict vital visual elements that are not spoken/heard. Body language, actions, on-screen text, and scene changes are crucial pieces of info to describe!
Quick and simple Media accessibility

What do accessiBe's Media
Accessibility  projects look like?

  • 1Upload media files Start a project in your account and add links to your media files. There is no limit to how many videos you can add to a project.
  • 2Remediation process Our automation engine goes through your media files and does the first round of closed captioning. This allows us to remediate large quantities of media files within a fast time frame.
  • 3Expert review Our expert team reviews the automated results to fix any gaps and ensure that the remediation is accurate and complete.
  • 4Project delivery Your media files are now accessible and compliant, and ready to be used by all users! Simply download them from the project dashboard and start putting them to work!

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you know if I have videos on my site?

    Our expert team will scan your entire website using our website scanner tools to identify and document all of your media assets.

  • Do videos without sound, such as picture slideshows, need to be made accessible?

    Yes, videos without sound, but only pictures need audio descriptions for blind and vision-impaired users to experience properly.

  • How long does it take to make videos accessible?

    The remediation process differs depending on the scope of work. You can reasonably expect a project of 10 videos to be made accessible in a few weeks.

  • Am I legally required to have accessible media?

    Yes. Regulations require any digital content, including media, to be accessible for people with disabilities.

  • What about new videos that were added after the initial media project?

    Any new video needs to be accessible as well. Luckily, we've streamlined the work process to help you be quick and efficient.

  • What is the process of making media content accessible?

    We combine automation and AI to run through the first round of accessibility adjustments. Then, our expert team verifies the AI work and fixes gaps if there are any.

  • What are your media accessibility offerings?

    Closed captions, descriptive transcriptions, and audio descriptions. We offer all three at one affordable price in every single project.

  • Can you remediate our YouTube channel?

    Of course, we can! We'd love to help make your entire digital content accessible, including your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or other social channels.

  • How much do media remediation projects cost?

    Based on order quantity, we charge $5-$15 per video or audio minute. The larger your project is, the lower the price we can provide.


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