Valuable user feedback

Comprehensive UserTesting  by People with Disabilities, for People with Disabilities

The best feedback you can ask for when it comes to accessibility is from end-users with disabilities. accessiBe works with a wide range of users to provide you with valuable usability feedback.
User Testing Prices:
$200 per tester hour
Real user experience

Learn how people with disabilities experience  your website

accessiBe's user testing service is performed by individuals with various disabilities. It is focused on evaluating the user experience from the perspective of the "day-to-day" assistive technology and disabled user.
  • Blind, screen-reader testers
  • Motor-impaired, keyboard testers
  • Limited and low vision testers
  • Testers with cognitive disabilities
Going beyond compliance

User testing substantially enhances your legalcompliance

Legal compliance is less technical than people think. ADA, for example, isn't a technical checklist. Instead, it focuses on usability. Are persons with disabilities able to use a product or website? Or can't they?
User testing made simple

What do accessiBe's user
testing  projects look like?

  • 1User testing End users perform tasks and interact with your digital asset to obtain an accurate experience from a usability standpoint.
  • 2Usability documentation Inputs and insights are documented and recorded, as well as confirmation if remediation has improved usability and user experience.
  • 3Project delivery A thorough report is created for your team to use as reference as well as proof of usability for your web accessibility needs.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does user testing take?

    It depends on the size of the website as well as its complexity and level of accessibility. User testing projects usually range from 5 to 10 hours.

  • Can we select which types of screen-readers end users will test with?

    If you have a particular screen reader you’d like us to test with, we will honor that preference. However, we typically suggest JAWS and VoiceOver since it's the best for quality assurance.

  • What are the costs associated with user testing?

    Our user testing service costs $200/hour. Project length depends on the complexity and number of pages and pages/templates to test.

  • Is the user testing done by people with disabilities?

    Absolutely. We work very closely with individuals with a wide array of disabilities who perform the tests.

  • Can user testing verify the usability of videos?

    We can test any aspects of the site, including media and documents. Please note that some parts may take longer to test than others.

  • Do I have to get my website tested by users?

    There isn't a legal requirement, but we recommend user testing since web accessibility is implemented to improve usability and user experience for people with disabilities.

  • How will I know the results of the tests?

    Following the testing scenarios, the results are reviewed and then converted into a formal report which you can download from your dashboard.

  • Does end user testing work for manually remediated site?

    Yes, our end users can test any website. Using assistive technology, we'll evaluate your website's usability and provide a report that includes suggestions to improve.

  • At what stage of the process do you perform user testing?

    You can perform user-testing at any stage of your website's lifecycle. Usually, it's best to do after an accessibility remediation project to ensure that the project was successful.


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