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How to install accessWidget on a Volusion website

Install accessWidget on your Volusion website using custom code to help make your website accessible and compliant.

1. In the dashboard, go to Design and select File Editor.

Screenshot of Volusion Dashboard

2.  Under Shortcuts > Theme Files on the right is your active template's HTML file starting with "template_" and ending with .html. Click it, and you'll be prompted with a text editor to modify the HTML code of your template (don't worry, this is not scary as it may initially look).

Note: If you sometimes switch templates, there's a select box in the top left of the page where you can look for other templates that are installed on your website, and install accessWidget on those as well.

Screenshot of file editor

3. accessWidget will work wherever you place the code in your template, however, we suggest putting it right before the closing of the body tag, which is always the second line from the end of the file.

Screenshot of file editor

4. In the defined area, paste the installation code that you received from us when you registered your site for our service in the text box. If you do not have an installation code go to your accessiBe account, click Installation and copy the installation code. You can also customize your widget to match your brand's design in the Customized Installation section.

Screenshot of instruction

5. Click Save and refresh your website for changes to take effect.

Screenshot of instruction

Good work! You've installed accessWidget, taking a big step toward making your site accessible.