5 Nonprofits Creating Change - April Edition

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April's Top 5 NPOs are some of the most influential organizations around! Read more about each of their missions, how they create, and what makes them unique to the communities they serve.

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accessiBe’s Nonprofit Partnership Program collaborates with hundreds of disability-focused organizations to spread awareness and knowledge regarding people with disabilities and their community. For April, we're honored to highlight these 5 organizations that are making a real change:

Introducing: Fun 4 the Disabled

Mission: Fun 4 the Disabled is a nonprofit organization that creates digital media and provides a platform for people with disabilities to share their perspectives, learn about up-and-coming organizations and movements in the community, and raise awareness for varying disabilities. The organization also produces videos covering a wide variety of topics that pertain to people with disabilities, while offering content that connects people with disabilities with organizations, events, and information that benefit, entertain, and educate them.

Partnership Takeaways: Partnering with Fun 4 Disabled has taught us that creating joy for people with disabilities is both essential and fundamental, not just to their quality of life, but to the amount of instilled confidence that community members deserve to have regardless of activity or ability. 

Visit their site to learn more about Fun 4 the Disabled’s amazing work >>

Introducing: Heidi Latsky Dance

Mission: Heidi Latsky Dance is a nonprofit that aims to disrupt space, dismantle the “normal,” and redefine beauty through innovative performance and discourse. Through its many collaborations and partnerships, the organization puts on performances for audiences to experience true diversity and thought-provoking, hard work. 

Partnership Takeaways: Through our partnership with Heidi Latksy Dance, we learned about the significant impact that artistic expression and performance have on promoting positive body image and diversity. One of Heidi Latsky Dance’s projects, ON DISPLAY, responds to the stigma attached to difference, by turning a cast of diverse and extreme bodies into a sculpture court where the performers are the sculptures. Representation matters! 

Visit their site to learn more about Heidi Latsky Dance's amazing work >> 

Introducing: Humana Community Services

Mission: Humana Community Services works to connect individuals and families to the right support and services that help them live in the community successfully. Humana utilizes evidence-based services, standardized screening, and assessment tools to develop treatment plans that connect children, youth, adults, and their families to the most appropriate support and solutions which include living options and other specialized needs. 

Partnership Takeaways: Humana Community Services was initially two different social services organizations: a developmental disabilities organization and a children's mental health agency. By joining forces with the two organizations, Humana Community Services taught and showcased to us all that reaching a larger audience is extremely helpful in increasing the efficacy of providing more resources and care. There is strength in numbers! 

Visit their site to learn more about Humana Community Service's amazing work >>

Introducing: U.S. Center for Safe Sport 

Mission: Safe Sport is an independent nonprofit established in 2017 committed to building a sports community to develop accountability through national SafeSport® policies and abuse prevention education within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement. The Center puts athlete well-being first, including athletes with disabilities, by providing powerful training, tools, and other resources geared toward preventing abuse and misconduct in all sports settings. In a short period of time, the U.S. Center for SafeSport has become one of the nation’s leading authorities in preventing, recognizing, and responding to abuse and misconduct in sports environments. 

Partnership Takeaways: Working alongside Safe Sport gave us new knowledge regarding the types of training resources and best practices that are necessary for the coaches and parents of people with disabilities. Offering extended support to caretakers, mentors, and family members is crucial to creating awareness and safe environments free of emotional and physical abuse, and other misconduct. Check out our Spotlight Session with Vanessa Vail, the organization’s Director of Education. 

Visit their site to learn more about Safe Sport's amazing work >>

Introducing: Autism Ventura

Mission: Autism Ventura supports newly-diagnosed families and develops needed local resources. Through education, advocacy, a variety of programs, increasing public awareness, and collaboration with other agencies, the organization promotes lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals within the autism spectrum to be fully included members of the community.

Partnership Takeaways: Autism Ventura works primarily with teens and young adults with ASD, demonstrating to us the importance of building a support system upon diagnosis. Through the organization’s support groups, resources for caregivers, and more, their initiatives prove that working at the grassroots level is vital to the advocacy for the community.

Visit their site to learn more about Autism Ventura's amazing work>>

While each of our partners' missions and communities is different, they all work towards a common goal of inclusivity and accessibility. We believe that by working together, we can make the world a more accessible place! 

Join accessiBe’s Nonprofit Partnership Program to join the community and start your accessibility journey with us today!