5 Nonprofits Creating Change - November Edition

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Peek inside to learn about November's most impactful Non-Profit Organizations and how their missions are creating real change.

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accessiBe’s Nonprofit Partnership Program collaborates with hundreds of disability-focused organizations to spread awareness and knowledge regarding people with disabilities and their community. For the month of November, we're honored to highlight these 5 organizations that are making a real change:

Introducing: Aqva

Mission: Aqva, the Quebec Adapted Sailing Association, ensures the inclusion of people with physical and sensory disabilities in the practice of sailing to alleviate any challenges or barriers they face daily. According to Aqva, engaging in the art of sailing individually has a positive impact on the social lives and autonomy of those participating. 

Partnership Takeaways: We have learned that sailing can be a beneficial, confidence-building tool for people with physical and sensory disabilities, and it also allows them to enjoy more inclusive activities and social interactions. Instructors are specialized in adapting the sailing experience to the person’s needs, so they may eventually become full-fledged sailors.

Visit their site to learn more about Aqva’s amazing work >>

Introducing: ME International

Mission: Me International supports patients, caregivers, family, friends, and organizations who are either living with or fighting against Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. The organization’s goal is to give all patients adequate care, screening, and treatment using the relevant and most up-to-date methodologies. ME International also provides research information to patients, medical providers, researchers, and governments. 

Partnership Takeaways: We now understand more about the impact of ME and other post-viral illnesses, and how they impact the lives of many. We also discovered the importance of scientific studies as they are performed to produce better treatments and combat bias associated with ME. 

Visit their site to learn more about ME International’s amazing work >>

Introducing: Options for Community Living, Inc

Mission: Options is a non-profit organization committed to providing high-quality housing and services for people in mental health recovery, living with HIV or AIDS, chronic health conditions, and other disabilities. Located and catering to those specifically in Long Island, New York, Options' main objective is to offer each program participant and their family a path to stability, health, and any tools conducive to living productive and self-sufficient lives.

Partnership Takeaways: With Options, we’re always learning more about housing accessibility and equality within New York and the United States. Through the organization’s impactful efforts, we have also found that housing accessibility is essential to the quality of life of those in mental health recovery and that a proper, warm and accessible home instills pride and joy. 

Visit their site to learn more about Option’s amazing work >>

Introducing: Ride with Pride

Mission: Located in the state of Virginia, Ride with Pride thrives as an equine-assisted horsemanship program with therapeutic activities. The organization works with individuals who live with intellectual, physical, or emotional disabilities from the ages of 4 and up. The goal of Ride with Pride is to assist and motivate its riders to manage or actively control their bodies and emotions by handling and connecting with horses. 

Partnership Takeaways: Our partnership with Ride with Pride has shown us that the bond between animals and humans can be meaningful and profound when learning to connect and control one’s own body. Horses, in particular, impact the lives of people with cognitive and physical disabilities to such a degree that they even help those with these disabilities tap into their emotions and learn more about themselves in therapeutic routines and processes. 

Visit their site to learn more about Ride With Pride’s amazing work >>

Introducing: Special Kneads and Treats 

Mission: Special Kneads and Treats can be found in the state of Georgia, connecting adults with disabilities to new career opportunities in the realm of baking and food service after providing them with experience and training. The goal of Special Kneads and Treat’s major program is to instill self-confidence in adults with disabilities while supporting them in the start of a new, successful profession. 

Partnership Takeaways: Through our partnership and conversations with Special Kneads and Treats, we learned about the importance of reaching out to the community, even on the most significant day of the year: their birthdays. By providing free birthday cakes to children and adults who otherwise could not afford one, they prove just how vital appreciation and support are to everyone, regardless of age or ability. We’ve also picked up on the encouragement and motivation that this organization offers to the community, by facilitating career opportunities and growth; both of which contribute to lifting happiness and fulfillment in those who search for it. 

Visit their site to learn more about Special Kneads and Treats’ amazing work >>

While each of our partners' missions and communities is different, they all are working towards a common goal of inclusivity and accessibility. We believe that by working together, we can make the world a more accessible place! 

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