A Year to Remember: accessiBe Highlights of 2023

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Together, we pushed forward to promote inclusion, utilizing the latest technology and expertise to build a more accessible world. Here are some of our proudest achievements of 2023.

accessiBe Team

2023 was a big year in the world of digital accessibility. We’ve seen a lot of progress, including the release of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2, Sony making the gaming world more accessible with their Access Controller, and Apple’s all new Live Speech feature giving nonspeaking people the power of type to speech.

At accessiBe, we made a number of incredible advancements of our own, thanks to our amazing team, partners, and customers. We wanted to take this opportunity to share our achievements with you, our community, as we look back on this past year and prepare for another eventful year ahead.

We were thrilled to welcome an influx of new customers, demonstrating a shift towards the prioritization of accessibility. Advancements in the field of AI gave us the power to even further improve our ecosystem of accessibility solutions. We also expanded our work with our nonprofit partners, collaborating on a wide array of events, projects, content, educational materials, and more.

Together, we pushed forward to promote inclusion, utilizing the latest technology and expertise to build a more accessible world. Here are some of our proudest achievements of 2023. 

We upgraded our accessibility solutions

accessiBe is constantly evolving, utilizing the latest technology to keep up with the needs of our customers and their users, as well as to stay updated according to guidelines and legislation. In 2023, we continued to improve accessWidget, with an even faster loading time. We also refined our alt text AI to improve its accuracy and expanded the language support feature to 20 options. As the internet matures over time, you can trust that we’re aligning our technology with its changing landscape to give you the best user experience possible. 

We worked with businesses to make the internet more accessible, one website at a time

We’re proud that accessiBe is now trusted by over 230,000 websites worldwide. From e-commerce giants to boutique brand names, accessiBe’s products and services make the internet more accessible and inclusive for everyone. In 2024, we plan on growing this number making an even larger impact on the web. 

We expanded our network of nonprofit partners to widen our impact 

2023 saw our nonprofit community grow to over 600 partners! As part of our partnership program, we work closely with disability-focused organizations to spread the word about the importance of inclusion and accessibility. We participated in the Special Olympics, amplified nonprofit voices to increase web accessibility awareness, and hosted webinars alongside our partners. We continue to learn so much about critical issues on our Spotlight Sessions series, and to gain valuable insights on disability-focused causes, technologies, and events from nonprofit organizations around the world. 

Want to partner with us to spread the word about web accessibility? Join our nonprofit partnership program today! 

We empowered thousands of agencies to bring accessibility to their clients

We couldn’t be more excited to have welcomed 4,000 new agencies to accessiBe’s Partner Program last year. Partners who team up with accessiBe pass on their guidance and knowledge of web accessibility to their clients and help them make their website accessible with accessWidget or one of our accessibility solutions, forging a more inclusive role. We’re proud of the influential work our agencies do in the name of accessibility. 

accessFind made its debut 

accessFind, the first and only online index to exclusively feature accessible websites, debuted in 2023. We built this new collaborative product together with the disability communities, working together to improve the web browsing experience. Thanks to the invaluable cooperation and input of our partner organizations, who helped us design the index and compile the websites, businesses and consumers with disabilities are able to connect faster and more easily than before. 

accessServices solved hundreds of accessibility challenges 

The accessServices team completed hundreds of projects for customers and partners. As leading digital accessibility experts in their field, the team successfully provided VPATs, user testing sessions, expert audits, and media and file accessibility services at the highest level and in line with international accessibility standards. The excellent work that accessServices did this past year allowed businesses to manually incorporate accessibility across their digital assets, truly embodying accessiBe’s ecosystem approach to inclusion and accessibility.

Customer satisfaction reached 96% 

We would be nowhere without our customers. Meeting your expectations, supporting you on every call or email, and making sure that you’re satisfied with your product or service is a top priority for us. Reaching a 96% customer satisfaction score makes us feel honored to have earned your trust in 2023, and we will strive to maintain and grow the solid relationships we have built with you. 

We made big plans for 2024 

It was an extremely successful year and we couldn’t have done it without our partners, customers, and of course, our dedicated team. Together, we will continue to break barriers for inclusion and innovate with powerful technology in 2024 and beyond.