August’s Inclusive Agency of the Month: 5&5 Enables Food Service Brands to Grow

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5&5 delivers a holistic digital presence for the restaurants they work with. We’re proud to shine the spotlight on August’s Inclusive Agency of the Month.

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5&5 is a leading digital platform management company in the food service industry that offers accessible websites to their clients with accessWidget. We are honored to partner with them and share a little bit about their business and inclusive values. 5&5 delivers a holistic digital presence for the restaurants they work with. Their name is inspired by the 5 senses: sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch. 

We’re proud to shine the spotlight on August’s Inclusive Agency of the Month.  

Meet 5&5

5&5 supports the restaurant, treat, coffee, and c-store industries in implementing and managing digital technology and marketing solutions. From online ordering and loyalty programs to POS management and website development, 5&5 is focused on delivering the best online experience possible for its clients’ customers. 

During the month of August, 5&5 has shown great strides in spreading awareness and promoting inclusive, online practices for their clients. To give us an idea of how their team successfully prioritizes and implements web accessibility activities, is Tiffany Zhang, Chief Creative Officer at 5&5. Tiffany is a seasoned Interface Specialist with a passion for UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Visual, and Interactive Design, and is an experienced professional in the technology and service industries. 

When did you start incorporating web accessibility into your offerings?

We've been offering our clients website design and development services since 5and5's inception in May 2020. With those services, we have always incorporated website accessibility into those offerings.

Why is your agency prioritizing web accessibility?

A brand's website is a powerful digital tool, providing awareness of a brand's mission and its services to users. However, it also comes with many liabilities if not maintained correctly. Many of our clients bring up website accessibility as a top concern during our discovery phase, and therefore, it is a top concern for us as well. Restaurant brands have been known to be an easy target for accessibility lawsuits, so we must design every page and functionality with accessibility in mind. 

Has web accessibility made a difference in your clients’ websites? 

100% As mentioned above, many of our clients did not have accessible websites before working with us. The partnership with accessiBe has been very seamless and painless. accessWidget makes adjustments for accessibility very easy and allowed us to continue designing as we see fit without sacrificing certain design decisions.

What’s the best feedback your clients gave you about web accessibility? 

Clients love where the widget lives on the website and how it covers most of their concerns with a simple click.

What misconceptions about web accessibility have been debunked for your agency? 

Before web accessibility solutions came into the picture, it used to be very manual where accessibility agencies needed to conduct audits and make frequent development updates to reflect the concerns.

Give us one tip to help other agencies get their clients interested in web accessibility.

accessWidget provides seamless integration with WordPress where development knowledge isn't required.

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