January’s Inclusive Agency of the Month: Ambaum

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Ambaum prioritizes web accessibility practices for its clients and promotes inclusion year-round. That's why we're featuring them as January’s Inclusive Agency of the Month.

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Ambaum has chosen to prioritize web accessibility practices for their clients, and we’re honored to have partnered with them to help make those efforts happen. By integrating accessWidget into their service offerings, and creating opportunities for installation on the websites of their clients, they are partners in promoting inclusion for people with disabilities worldwide.

We’re proud to feature Ambaum as January’s Inclusive Agency of the Month. 

Meet Ambaum 

Ambaum, a Seattle-based Shopify Plus Agency founded in 2012, is dedicated to helping its clients leverage one of the world’s most powerful e-commerce platforms by aligning the best possible technology partners and Shopify public apps with their clients’ business strategy. The agency works to scale digital businesses by providing web design, PPC management, and marketplace development services at the highest level and quality. 

Today, we’re hearing from Ambaum’s CEO and Founder, Chad Fisher. He’s a seasoned professional from the technologies realm with major Fortune 500 companies on his resume ranging from Microsoft and Yahoo to T-Mobile. Chad tells us about his agency’s stance on web accessibility, why it’s important to discuss with your clients, and how Ambaum’s partnership with accessiBe has bumped inclusion to the top of his priority list. 

Why is your agency prioritizing web accessibility?

Creating digital experiences should be inclusive and user-friendly for everyone; by incorporating web accessibility, merchants allow their websites to be available to a wider audience. Web accessibility is not just a legal or ethical requirement; it's a fundamental aspect of providing equal access to information and services for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

What misconceptions about web accessibility have been debunked for your agency?

One common misconception we've encountered is the belief that web accessibility is only relevant to a niche audience. In reality, accessibility in an e-commerce website benefits a wide range of customers, allowing merchants to expand their net while maintaining compliance. Our agency has seen firsthand how features like clear navigation, readable text, and well-structured content improve the overall user experience for all visitors. Incorporating accessibility early on fosters a mindset that accessibility is an integral part of a user-friendly digital experience, rather than an additional task to be addressed separately.

Give us one tip to help other agencies get their clients interested in web accessibility.

Start the conversation by highlighting the business benefits of web accessibility. There is a misconception that accessibility is simply on the cost vs. compliance side, whereas brands who are winning have a view of accessibility as an opportunity to play offense rather than just defense. Accessible design can open up digital platforms to a broader audience, including people with disabilities. This not only can enhance user engagement but also positively impact brand reputation, increase customer loyalty, and even improvements in SEO rankings, showcasing the tangible benefits of prioritizing accessibility in the digital landscape. In essence, anytime you can take something from an expense line item and view it as growth leverage, that’s a win.

Has web accessibility made a difference in your clients’ websites? 

While a significant portion of the work is done in the backend, the impact is profoundly felt - especially when considering potential legal implications. Our clients have expressed the peace of mind they’ve felt after using accessiBe’s accessWidget, having sometimes been sued before for inaccessibility. Using accessWidget and incorporating web accessibility measures have become a proactive strategy for us and our clients. It’s not just about avoiding legal issues; it’s about ensuring that our clients’ digital presence is inclusive and accessible to all.

What’s the best feedback your clients gave you about web accessibility? 

Similarly, the most valuable feedback we’ve received from clients emphasizes the practical and legal advantages of maintaining web accessibility. One client mentioned that, as a business owner, it helps keep their site up-to-date with evolving laws and regulations related to accessibility without impacting operational flow. Overall, clients appreciate the commitment to web accessibility to not only enhance their user experience but also in helping to shield them from potential legal challenges, allowing them to focus on their core business and operational activities. 

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