June’s Inclusive Agency of the Month: FAV Solution

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FAV Solution is a leading development agency that specializes in eCommerce sites. We've chosen them as June's Inclusive Agency of the Month because of their amazing efforts in helping to make the internet a more inclusive space.

accessiBe Team

FAV Solution is a leading development agency that specializes in eCommerce sites. They also offer to make their clients’ websites accessible and inclusive, and we’re honored to partner with them. Integrating accessWidget into their service offerings makes accessibility the obvious choice for their clients, helping to make the internet a more inclusive space. They also donate 1% of their annual revenue to environmental nonprofits - making them an agency that goes above and beyond for positive change.

To celebrate the fantastic achievements of our partner, we’re proud to feature FAV Solution as June’s Inclusive Agency of the Month.  

Meet FAV Solution

FAV Solution is a leading development agency that’s on a mission to create stunning websites for its clients that are effective, engaging, and attention-drawing. The agency specializes in eCommerce site development, platform upgrade and migration, conversion rate optimization, and maintenance. During June, FAV Solution has shown fantastic results in its promotion of inclusive activities and web accessibility practices. Here to give us some insight into how the team does it is Adrien Levinger, the CEO and Founder of FAV Solution; with a passion for eCommerce and a proven track record, Adrien specializes in scaling brands online, leveraging his technical expertise and deep industry knowledge. 

When did you start incorporating web accessibility into your offerings?

"Back in 2021, one of our clients was being sued for accessibility compliance, so we developed processes and offerings to support our clients as best as we can."

Why is your agency prioritizing web accessibility?

"For three main reasons:

  • We think the web should be accessible to EVERYONE
  • More customers navigating a website efficiently = more revenue
  • To avoid expensive lawsuits"

What’s the best feedback your clients gave you about web accessibility? 

"If you work on it consistently and diligently, it's not that hard!"

Give us one tip to help other agencies get their clients interested in web accessibility.

"Be proactive, define a process and stick to it, and establish a paper trail of the actions you are taking to make a website more accessible!"

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