May’s Inclusive Agency of the Month: Marketing 360

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For the month of May, we're highlighting the great work and inclusion efforts of Marketing 360! As an agency that has made tremendous strides in spreading the word on accessibility, they certainly have great insight as to how and why they implement the important practice with clients.

accessiBe Team

Marketing 360 has chosen to spread the message of inclusion and web accessibility practices, and we’re honored to have partnered with them to help make those efforts happen! Integrating accessWidget into their service offerings, and creating opportunities for installation on the websites of their clients, ensures that they promote inclusion and offer accessible websites for people with disabilities worldwide.

The agencies that partner with accessiBe and offer our solution to their clients are truly championing increased accessibility practices online, making them leaders in inclusive brand creation. To celebrate the ongoing efforts of our partners, we’re proud to feature Marketing 360 as May’s Inclusive Agency of the Month. 

Meet Marketing 360 

Marketing 360 is on a mission to enable small businesses and local community success. The agency provides a comprehensive, business commerce platform designed to empower its clients with the technology and talent they need to manage and grow their businesses. During the month of May, Marketing 360 has shown amazing results in its promotion of inclusive activities and web accessibility practices. Here to give us some insight into their triumph is Eric Tarlo, VP of Partnerships at Marketing 360; Eric has been involved in SaaS partnerships for 15 years and runs strategic partnerships at Marketing 360.

When did you start incorporating web accessibility into your offerings?

“At Marketing 360, we started offering and incorporating accessiBe’s automated solution, accessWidget, with our client website builds in 2020.”

Why is your agency prioritizing web accessibility?

“We are prioritizing web accessibility because we believe in making a difference for the businesses we serve and their customers. We know that prioritizing accessibility means creating a website that is inclusive of all users regardless of their disability. An increasing number of people rely on the Internet to access information or purchase goods and services. And as search engines continue to prioritize websites that consider all users in their functionality, partnering with accessiBe it's also a win-win for our clients because it will improve the organic performance of their sites.

Improving web accessibility is a small step we can take to make a profoundly positive impact on our communities.”

Tip on how to get your clients interested in web accessibility?

“We find that helping to educate our clients on the impact of web accessibility. Using accessiBe is an affordable all-inclusive solution for the busy small business owners we work with. We love to show our clients a quick demonstration of the product so they can see it in action!”

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