The Full Accessibility Suite

Complementary services  to
our webaccessibility  solutions

Accessibility on the web goes beyond just websites and automation. accessiBe provides a full suite of accessibility services to ensure that all of your digital assets are always accessible.
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Looking to make your website accessible?

The services below complement accessiBe's AI-Powered solution for making websites accessible. Learn more on our product page.

Using video or audio on your website, on YouTube, or otherwise? They should be accessible as well! Making your media accessible has gotten a whole lot easier with accessiBe's BeMedia service.

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  • Closed Captions

    Closed captions are a text version of what is said vocally and are used by users with hearing impairments to follow the content.

  • Video/Audio Transcripts

    Transcripts are a separate textual version of a video/audio for users who may have a hard time following live content.

  • Audio Descriptions

    Audio descriptions enable blind users to follow videos where graphics are used to display the information rather than voice.

Whether you incorporate downloadable files within your website, send them over email, or use them internally, they should be accessible! BeFiles is your trusted solution for all your file remediation needs.

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  • Word/PDF Remediation

    Documents should be accessible for blind users using screen-readers and can vary in complexity depending on the content.

  • PPT Remediation

    Presentations are a great way to deliver information. Let's ensure that blind users have the opportunity to get that information as well!

  • Excel Remediation

    Excel sheets often include highly important information. Let's ensure that everybody, regardless of abilities, can read and understand them!

Looking to go beyond automation and AI? Have any specific requirements and are in need of a tailor-made solution? Our accessibility experts are looking forward to working with you to solve any problem you may face.

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  • Accessibility Audit

    Your website has gone through or is planned to go through a web accessibility remediation project? Let's audit it!

  • accessiBe Inspection

    Started to use accessiBe and you want to ensure that you've installed it properly and that everything works as it should on your site? Let's inspect it!

  • VPAT Services

    If your organization requires 508 conformance, you need a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). Let's get you one!

  • User Testing

    Want to check how usable your website really is for a blind person or a motor-impaired user? Our testers would love to help!

  • Dedicated Image Descriptions

    Want to go beyond AI-Powered image descriptions and ensure an even better experience for your blind users? We'd love to help!

  • Accessibility Consultancy

    Need help with a specific dilemma? Encountered an issue that you are not sure what the solution is? Our experts would love to consult you!


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