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How to set up an accessiBe account and start a project for accessServices

Are you incorporating accessibility manually? Our accessServices team is an excellent fit for modern businesses looking to adopt digital inclusion and streamline accessibility.

To get a free custom quote

1. On the accessiBe homepage, select Login in the top right corner.

Screenshot of login

2. Select Sign up.

Screenshot of sign up

3. Enter the following:

  • First name and last name
  • Business name
  • Email address
  • A password for your accessiBe account
  • Your phone number

Screenshot of create a new account

4. Select Sign up.

5. Close the Start a trial pop-up. 

6. In the top menu go to My Projects.

Screenshot of my projects menu

7. Select Start a Project.

Screenshot of Start a Project button

8. Enter a descriptive name for your project.

Screenshot of Get a Quote

9. Select the type of project from the dropdown menu.

10. Enter your project description. Include access credentials if your website requires a login.

11. Add media or PDF links. 

12. Select Get a Quote.

Your project has now been sent to accessServices for a quote and will appear in the Customer Portal.

Screenshot of manage projects

Your free custom quote will be updated to your account in about one business day. We'll email you when it's posted.