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Advanced topics: Bypass a login wall

Once you register a license, accessFlow automatically audits your website for compliance issues. However, sometimes you will need to set up certain parameters to enable auditing your site.

If your website requires a login, provide a list of the actions that our audit should take in order to log in and audit your site. List the steps in the order that they should be performed.

Watch the video to learn how to record a bypass for login walls using our browser extension. Recording a bypass for login walls is supported on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

You can also manually add the login steps required for your website.

To add login steps manually

1. Under Audits > Dashboard select Audit Settings.

Screenshot of audit settings

2. Under Steps to bypass login walls select Add Manually.

3. Under Login Page Path enter the the relative webpage. For example, /login

4. Under Login steps to perform, select an Action type. The action type is a step that must be performed to login to your website.

  • Click an element
  • Check a checkbox
  • Type text
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Wait for selector

5. Enter the Action selector. To get the selector, right-click on an element in the web page, select Inspect and copy the selector. For example, #email-button

6. Select Add Step to add another step in the login process.

7. Add these final steps after your login steps to confirm that the login wall bypass worked:

  • Select Add Step and select the action type Wait 10 seconds to allow for the login process to complete.
  • Select Add Step and select the action type Click an element and then select any element on the page that appears after login to verify that login was complete. For example, select the user profile name. 

8. Select Save & Validate Steps.

Each step is executed and validated. If there are errors, select the down arrow next to the error message to view the errors. Fix the errors and select Save & Validate Steps again.