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Advanced topics: Auditing non-public websites

Once you register a license, accessFlow automatically audits your website for compliance issues. However, sometimes you will need to set up certain parameters to enable auditing your site.

Set custom parameters to access your website for sites that are not publicly available.

To set custom access parameters

1. Go to Audits > Dashboard and select Audit Settings.

Screenshot of audit settings

2. Set the following:

  • User Agent: The user agent to access your site e.g Mozilla/5.0.
  • Cookie: For websites where it is difficult to create test users, use the login cookie to gain access. Log in to your site, copy the login cookie and paste it here (max 5000 characters). If there are multiple cookies separate them with a semicolon. For example, Cookie1=aaa;Cookie2=bbb
  • Custom Header: A custom header to access your website (header-key:header-value). For example use a custom header to prevent accessFlow audits from being counted in your A/B testing.
  • Basic Auth Prompt Username: For websites requiring basic auth. The authentication username.
  • Basic Auth Prompt Password: For websites requiring basic auth. The authentication password.

Screenshot of basic auth prompt

3. Select Save.

4. Select Run One-time Audit to audit your site with the saved settings.