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Advanced topics: Configure scan parameters

Once you register a license, accessFlow automatically scans your website for compliance issues. However, sometimes you will need to set up certain parameters to enable scanning your site.

This page explains how to set up parameters for the following:

Scanning non-public websites

Bypassing a login wall

Scanning Non-public Websites

Set custom parameters to access your website for sites that are not publicly available.

To set custom access parameters

Set the following:

  • User Agent: The user agent to access your site e.g Mozilla/5.0.
  • Custom Header: The custom header to access your website. For example, header-key:header-value
  • Basic Auth Prompt Username: The authentication username
  • Basic Auth Prompt Password: The authentication password

Screenshot of basic auth prompt

Bypassing a Login Wall

If your website requires a login, provide a list of the actions that our scan should take in order to log in and scan your site. List the steps in the order that they should be performed.

To add login steps

1. Under Audits > Dashboard scroll down to Steps to bypass login walls.

2. Under Login Page Path enter the the relative webpage. For example, /login

3. Under Login steps to perform, select an Action type. The action type is a step that must be performed to login to your website.

  • Click an element
  • Check a checkbox
  • Type text
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Wait for selector

4. Enter the Action selector. To get the selector, right click on an element in the web page, select Inspect and copy the selector. For example, #email-button

5. Click Add Step to add another step in the login process.

Screenshot of Add steps

6. Click Save & Validate Steps.

Each step is executed and validated. If there are errors, click the down arrow next to the error message to view the errors. Fix the errors and click Save & Validate Steps again.

Screenshot of errors in validation