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How do people with Epilepsy use accessWidget?

Challenges on the web:

The beautiful thing about websites is that they can be designed to show content in many different ways. Unfortunately, some visual means can be frustrating and even dangerous for some site visitors. People with epilepsy are cautious to browse websites for the fear of triggering a seizure caused by blinking or flashing elements such as GIFs, videos, or animations. In many cases, these visuals are on a loop or autoplay or don’t respond to interactions from site visitors. To put it simply, websites can be like land mines for epileptic site visitors.

How accessWidget helps:

accessWidget’s interface allows site visitors to stop all flashing and blinking elements on a page. Instead of cautiously scrolling and quickly pausing dangerous elements, epileptic users can pause everything at once. This is made even more simple by accessWidget’s Seizure Safe profile which simultaneously stops all blinking/flashing elements and reduces dangerous color combinations.