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How can I change the location of the accessWidget interface and accessibility button?

accessWidget’s interface is opened by clicking on the accessibility icon. When it’s closed, users will only see the button and not the interface. accessWidget’s default location for the interface is in the bottom right corner of the site for better user experience and convenience. However, you can choose to change the location of the icon, which will also be the location of the interface when it is opened. Here’s how:

1. Go to your account area by clicking on ‘Account’ in the upper right corner on accessiBe’s website.

Screenshot of instruction

2. Click on the ‘Installation’ option in the main menu.

Image of dashboard

3. You’ll see two installation options. In order to customize your interface, you’ll choose the ‘Advanced and Customized Installation’

Image of dashboard

4. Here you’ll see multiple customization options to choose from. Specifically for this guide, in order to change the location of the accessibility button and interface, look for these fields:

  • Trigger horizontal position
  • Trigger vertical position
  • Mobile trigger horizontal position
  • Mobile trigger vertical position

Make the location changes according to your preferences. You can also change the button size in the ‘Trigger Button Size’ field.

Image of dashboard

5. When you’ve completed the customization options, click ‘Generate Custom Script’. This script incorporates your customization preferences and is the one you need to paste into your site’s body tag.

Screenshot of instruction

That’s all! Now your accessibility button and interface will be in the location that you chose.


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