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How to install accessWidget on a BigCommerce website

There are a few ways you can install accessiBe on your BigCommerce website. You can either install the script through your theme's template files (more advanced) or through the script manager which is much easier. For this option, you’ll find a guide below.

1. In your admin dashboard, click on ‘Storefront’.

Screenshot of instruction

2. Then, click on ‘Script Manager’ and on this page click on the ‘Create Script’ button.

Screenshot of instruction

3. Add the name of the script and description of your choice. For the following fields select these choices:

  • ‘Location on page’, select ‘Footer’
  • ‘Select pages where script will be added’, select ‘All pages’
  • ‘Script category’, select ‘Essential’
  • ‘Script type’, select ‘Script’

Screenshot of instruction

4. In the blank field, paste the implementation script you received from us when you registered your site for our service. If you do not have an implementation script go to your accessiBe account, click on the ‘Installation’ page. You also have the option to choose the ‘Advanced & Customized Installation’ if you have decided to customize the solution according to your website’s brand design.

Screenshot of instruction

5. After pasting the script, click ‘Save’ on the bottom right corner.

Screenshot of instruction

That's it! You have successfully installed the accessiBe system on your site and it is now making your site accessible.


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