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How to install accessWidget on a Joomla website

Install the accessiBe plugin, accessWidget on your Joomla website to make your website accessible and compliant.

To download and install the accessiBe plugin

1. First download the accessiBe plugin from one of the following locations:

2. In the search bar, search for accessiBe.

3. Click on the accessiBe card.

4. Click Download (or download the zip file).

Screenshot of download plugin

5. In your Joomla dashboard go to System > Install > Extensions > Upload Package File.

Screenshot of Joomla extensions

6. Drag and drop the ZIP file to upload.

Screenshot of upload plugin

7. After the plugin is installed, go to System > Manage > Plugins.

Screenshot of manage plugins

8. In the search bar, search for accessiBe and click Content - WCAG and ADA accessibility - accessiBe.

Screenshot of accessiBe plugin

9. Follow the instructions to enable the widget on your website.

Good work! You've installed accessWidget, making your site accessible.

For more information see our Website Onboarding Guide and follow the instructions to ensure proper installation and performance.