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How to install accessWidget on a Shopify website

Install the accessiBe plugin, accessWidget on your Shopify store to make your store accessible and compliant.

To install accessWidget on Shopify

1. Log into your Shopify site management and go to Online Store on the bottom left menu and then click Themes.

Screenshot of Online store themes

2. Click the horizontal 3 dots ... and select Edit code.

Screenshots of edit code menu

3. In the Layout section in the left pane, select theme.liquid and scroll down to the closing body tag (</body>).

Screenshot of theme code

4. Just before the closing /body tag, paste the installation code you received from us when you registered your site for our service. If you do not have an installation code go to your accessiBe account, click Installation and copy the installation code. You can also customize your widget to match your brand's design in the Customized Installation section.

Screenshot of instruction

5. In the top right corner, click Save.

Good work! You've installed accessWidget, making your site accessible.

For more information see our Website Onboarding Guide and follow the instructions to ensure proper installation and performance.