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How to install accessWidget on a WordPress website

Install accessWidget on your WordPress site using a plguin and help make your store accessible and compliant.

To install the accessWidget plugin on your Wordpress site

1. Log into your site management.

2. On the main menu go to Plugins > Add New.

3. In the search bar enter accessiBe.

Screenshot of search for plugin

4. In the Web Accessibility by accessiBe card, click Install and activate.

Screenshot of install and activate plugin

5. Go to Installed Plugins, select Web accessibility by accessiBe in the list, and click Settings.

Screenshot of plugin settings

7. You can design the button and customize it as you want it to appear on your site.

8. Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Good work! You've installed accessWidget, making your site accessible.

Note: If you have WordPress performance plugins like Rocket or Perfmatters, ensure they don't alter accessiBe's installation code. By default, they do.

For more information see our Website Onboarding Guide and follow the instructions to ensure proper installation and performance.