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Managing your accessWidget Plugin

Note: This guide is relevant only for CMS plugins where licensing is not integrated with the accessWidget plugin. Management of the plugin must be done through the Customer Portal. 

This article describes how to manage the accessWidget plugin you have installed in your CMS.

The first step is to make sure the widget is working on your site.

To enable the widget on your site follow these steps

  1. Sign up for an accessiBe account on the accessiBe website.
  2. In the Customer Portal enter your domain (e.g and select Start Free Trial or Skip Trial & Buy to create a new accessWidget license.
  3. Enable the widget in the plugin.
  4. Save your changes.

Screenshot of start trial or skip and buy

Note: All account management for accessiBe is conducted through the accessiBe Customer Portal.

Accessibility Statement

An accessibility statement demonstrates your commitment to accessibility, and to social responsibility.

Within 48 hours of activating your license, we will send you an accessibility statement that you can display in your store or site. You can also view your accessibility statement in the Customer Portal by selecting the license.

Screenshot of open accessibility statement

Monthly Audit Reports

Each month we will send you a link to download an accessibility audit report for your site. You can also view a history of all monthly accessibility audits run for your site in the Customer Portal by selecting the license.

Monthly Remediation Reports

Remediation reports are sent monthly and are available for the Advanced, Advanced Plus and Enterprise plans. This is a monthly report of code fixes applied by accessWidget to your site. You can also view a history of the reports in the Customer Portal by selecting the license.

Billing & Payments

In the Customer Portal, Billings & Payments page. manage your payment methods, view your payment history, and download your invoices.