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Does accessWidget mitigates legal risk?

Let’s start with the fact that anyone can make a claim against anyone at any time for any reason. Of course, the fact that someone claimed something doesn’t make them right. With accessWidget, your website is indeed accessible and compliant and in the rare case of such a claim, we will provide you with everything you need to prove compliance. Here’s how:

Once you have accessWidget installed, you will receive an accessibility statement. This statement outlines the adjustments accessWidget has made to your website, in terms of browser and assistive technology compatibility. It certifies that your website is compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines - which makes you compliant with all international accessibility standards!

In addition, accessiBe sends monthly compliance audit reports for each domain, which is another great asset to have to further prove that your website is fully accessible and compliant. We recommend downloading these monthly reports for proof of ongoing efforts to maintain compliance standards.

At this point, you should have enough to stop any lawsuit in its tracks. However, if the case still hasn’t been dropped then accessiBe offers a Litigation Support Package which includes documentation and testing from our R&D team, suggested responses, and our ongoing support.