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How can I purchase an accessWidget license for my client?

This article describes how accessiBe Partners can purchase accessWidget licenses for their client accounts. Our Partners are entitled to a built-in discount for all plans. The partner discount enables purchasing accessWidget at a wholesale price and charging clients with a margin, or alternatively to purchase accessWidget at the retail price with your client’s credit card.

To purchase an accessWidget license for your client

1. On the accessiBe homepage, click Login and log in to your account.

2. Go to My Licenses on the top menu Here you will find all of the websites that you have registered for a license.

Screenshot of customer portal

3. Click +Add New Websites.

Screenshot of accessWidget licenses

4. Add your client’s website and click Skip Trial & Buy to immediately purchase a license.

Screenshot of start trial or buy

5. Select a plan for your client’s website to match the site’s page count. The prices listed include the 20% discount you receive as a Partner. 

Screenshot of choose plan

6. Partners who are buying licenses on behalf of their clients with their credit cards can choose to receive a 20% commission instead of a discount. 

7. Under Set billing method, either select an existing payment method or click Add a new billing method to add your client’s credit card to pay for their license.

Screenshot of set billing method

8. Scroll down to Website owner’s content info and enter your client’s contact details. We will not contact them.

Screenshot of partner commission

Screenshot of website owner info

9. Select Save Information.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re available 24/7 via our website chat.