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How can I embed accessScan in my website (including Whitelabel)?

If you want to implement an accessScan iframe on your site, please contact your Partner Success manager and they will get you a dedicated embed code. The embed method is the same as embedding a YouTube video. 

The code will look similar to this: 

< iframe src="">< /iframe>

If you want to whitelabel accessScan's results page, contact your Partnerships Manager. They will need the following information: 

  • Hosting domain of the iframe
  • 6 Digits Lead Color (e.g f75431)
  • Logo Link
  • Powered by text
  • Powered by Link

And this is how your settings will appear on the iframe:

After receiving approval of your hosting domain, we’ll send you the accessScan iframe which will look similar to this:

< iframe src="">< /iframe>

A few things to notice here:

  • You can change the branding values as you wish
  • Whatever comes after the “#audit/” will be audited automatically
  • If you won’t provide a resultsLogo link (your logo link), the accessScan logo will appear instead

Implementation suggestion:

A common way to implement the accessScan iframe is by using it as a lead catcher on your site. For example, you can have a form with an email and URL input fields. Once the form is submitted, you can create the iframe dynamically and append the input URL to the iframe’s src. e.g `... /#audit/${input-url}`