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How does the Partners Program work?

When you become an accessiBe Partner, you join us on our mission of making the entire Internet accessible for people with disabilities. In addition to commission on every referral, you ensure that your clients are protected from web accessibility lawsuits and actively open their websites to the 20% of the population, people with disabilities.

Who is the Partners Program for?

This program is for digital agencies, platforms, and publishers who have an influence on their clients’ product decisions. If you wish to add web accessibility services to your tech stack without having to hire an accessibility expert or delay projects for months on end, keep reading.

Who are we?

accessiBe is the leading AI-driven solution for automated web accessibility. Simply put, we use AI and automation to make websites accessible to people with disabilities and compliant with legislation. accessiBe is replacing a once tedious, time-consuming process with automation making it effortless and affordable for websites of all sizes.

Overview of the accessiBe Partners Program

To become an accessiBe partner you will need to schedule a demo with a representative whose goal is to understand your agency’s web accessibility needs. Once you’ve registered and opened an account, you can begin referring clients.

Benefits & value for you:

  • 20% commission of every referral
  • Free accessiBe license for your site
  • Option to white label according to your brand
  • Access to all marketing and sales materials
  • Ongoing peace of mind in the face of litigation
  • Enhancement of brand reputation
  • No coding or development on your side

Benefits & value for your clients:

  • Fully automated remediation within 48 hours
  • Visible accessibility statement on site
  • 24-hour automated ongoing compliance scans
  • Monthly compliance audit sent to the inbox
  • Extension of market reach
  • Enhancement of brand reputation

Hundreds of thousands of websites and thousands of partners use accessiBe for ADA compliance and web accessibility, so we have a bonafide system in place to help you gain the most from this partnership. Schedule a demo with a representative today to get started!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re available 24/7 via our website chat.